FelliColor is a textile finishing company specializing in the mercerization and dyeing of cotton skeins and bobbins.

As the leader in installed capacity productivity within Europe, FelliColor has a mercerization department which is among one of the most important in the world. It guarantees its clients the highest standards of service and quality, supported by ongoing research and technological innovation.

Thanks to a century of presence in the international textile industry, the company, which is based in Martinengo in the province of Bergamo, offers its clients an ever-growing, consolidated know-how when it comes to processing high-quality, complex yarns such as the filodiscozia®.

The activities of FelliColor's textile finishing process are refined in its services and environmental awareness. The company implements the best practices for the protection of the environment – attested by international certifications – a choice that guarantees the customer a sustainable raw material.

Like modern alchemists of color, the master dyers at FelliColor, using complex and high-tech processes, restore a finished yet simple product, nothing less than the exact hue imagined by the customer – lustrous, bright and silky.


FelliColor is an international leader in the textile finishing industry.
It is a company where tradition meets the best technology and in which the client can work with our master dyers to increase the value and the competitiveness of their own product.

FelliColor is an excellent partner when it comes to contributing to the success of the client; managing the value chain for dyed yarn, maximizing the quality, optimizing the resources and ensuring continuous innovation and research of the production processes.

In choosing to be certified according to the ISO 14001, FelliColor's green awareness is already part of the company's values by being part of the mission and guaranteeing an environmentally friendly business focused on continuous improvement.