Master dyers since 1905.

For more than a century, FelliColor has had a passion for color and the art of dyeing. The story began in Milan in 1905 when the company was founded under the name Fisher Hunold & C. S.a.S. Within 7 years, the company changed its name to become Enrico Felli Chemical Industries & C. S.p.A.

Ten years later, following their move from Milan to a factory in Seriate, in the province of Bergamo, the company was the first manufacturer of dyes and chemicals for the Italian textile industry. There, they added new divisions for the dyeing, twisting and spinning of yarns.

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FelliColor's attention to the land was part of the values of the company. They employed 91 workers from the region, reducing unemployment locally and, after the installation of a well, they distributed free water to Seriate.

Before World War II, Enrico Felli Chemical Industries expanded to become the most important factories in the area. After a fall in production during the war, the company redirected its business towards the processing of dyed yarns for weaving, with a focus on knitwear. Eventually, the company changed its name to Enrico Felli S.p.A.

Following the end of the war, the company started the task of improving its technology and upgrading its facilities. They opened two new departments: one for the dyeing of yarn in bobbins and one for the dyeing of skeins, along with the spinning and unreeling process of the yarns.


The company permanently changed its name to FelliColor S.p.A., carrying with it expertise, passion, constant innovation, and a quality that made it a European leader for installed capacity within the mercerization industry.

At the end of the 90s, the city of Martinengo, just a few kilometers from Bergamo, became the new location of FelliColor and the company is now globally recognized as one of the most qualified in its industry.

With more than a century of experience and a continuous drive to better the quality and services that the company has to offer, FelliColor is considered the best partner when it comes to the yarn finishing process. It is always a step ahead in technological innovation and has a strong tradition in the art of dyeing.